Maintain Your Headlights

If you own a vehicle, you are probably aware that it requires some maintenance. It needs regular oil changes and it needs gas but it also needs maintenance of many other things, such as your headlights.

Your headlights don't require much attention, but you should check their condition from time to time. You should also keep them clean. 

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Why it’s Important to Use Windshield Wiper Fluid

Letting the washer fluid in your car’s windshield wiper fluid tank run dry during the winter is a bad idea for a number of reasons. Here's why you should bring the car to Advantage Toyota in Barboursville, WV to have that windshield washer fluid topped off with the right grade solution.

The windshield wiper fluid contains cleaning components that will help to break down those contaminants trapped on the windshield. It doesn't matter if there are dead bugs or dried bird droppings, the windshield wiper fluid breaks down the debris and then quickly removes it. 

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Is it Time to Change to Winter Wiper Blades?

It is that time of year again for drivers in Barboursville, WV. Perhaps your older wiper blades are not equipped to handle the frigid temperatures that are on the way or you need an update to your windshield wipers, regardless of the weather. Here are a few reasons that we encourage you to head over to Advantage Toyota to have new winter blades installed on your car.

The construction of the winter blades make them less likely to tear when the temperatures dip below freezing. 

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Winter Traction and Your Options in Barboursville

Winter driving safety is critical here in Barboursville, West Virginia. It can often be tough for drivers to cope with road conditions that are snowy and icy. If you want to give your vehicle the gift of reliable winter traction, there are several convenient options accessible to you. Here at Advantage Toyota, we are happy to share three unique and creative solutions with you today.

If you need help adding traction to your driveway in freezing temperatures, consider using salt, sand and even cat litter. Sodium chloride rock salt can be suitable for driveway applications.

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2017 Toyota Avalon Earns Approval of Edmunds Team

What do we here at Advantage Toyota appreciate about the 2017 Avalon, our esteemed Japanese automaker's full-size sedan?

Quite honestly ... just about everything. The Avalon, in our mind, is one of the best in its class.

And we think the clip below proves it. Join the good folks at Edmunds as they try the Avalon on for size:

Climb to the apex of the Avalon range and it's there you'll find the fully loaded Limited model.

Standard equipment on this trim includes 18-inch wheels, xenon headlamps, automatic wipers, ambient cabin lighting, tri-zone auto climate control, upgraded leather…

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